OLEODINAMICA BORELLI - Hydraulic Components

Mr. Claudio Borelli, the current owner and founder of the company, begins his activity in 1969, in Emilia, the heart of italian excellence for production of agricultural equipment and hydraulic components.

For this reason, the company is based on Made in Italy quality standards. The attention for materials, the care of working carried out exclusively in our establishment (such as, for examples, the grinding of gears to damp totally the noise), the technical experiencereached through the years, have led to a successful international character.

Our core business is the production of mechanical components, which are mostly used in agriculture (especially on machineries for tomatoes picking, brush cutters, woodcutters), in marine (on fishing boats and trawlers), in industry (on garbage trucks).

We offer a wide range of products; in addition, we can plan and supply components on demand for special applications.


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Evolve, assimilate and learn; for almost 50 years we distinguish ourselves for the attention to detail, attention to the quality of products and the needs of each customer, offering unique solutions in the industry.


Professionalism and know-how allow us to offer customers an exclusive range and complete support, working with constancy, passion and commitment and focusing on the strength of our team.


From the simplest to the most complex requirements, we guarantee the best solution, in the shortest time possible, to have immediate access to our products.


Our qualified technicians are at the forefront to provide all the most useful information and answers to each question, ensuring assistance directly where required.